Employee Engagement Report 2016

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Author: Peter Hogg
Posting date: 16/03/2016

Get your copy of ProClinical's report on employee engagement in the global life sciences industry.

Find out the results of our industry-wide employee engagement survey to see what really matters to your staff.

ProClinical surveyed over 1000 people working in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology, contract research organisations and other life science companies in Europe, the USA and the Asia Pacific to benchmark the level of engagement among employees in the industry and to find out what motivates them at work.

By downloading the employee engagement report you will gain:

  • Information to benchmark employee engagement in your company against the rest of the life science industry
  • Insight into what really drives engagement in your employees
  • Analysis of the links between engagement and staff turnover
  • Analysis of engagement measures and tracking
  • A breakdown of data by geography and company type