Diabetes MedTech, IT team build for EU product launch

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Posting date: 23/06/2023

Diabetes MedTech, IT team
build for EU product launch

Case study

The overview

We partnered with an innovative medical device company, specialising in insulin pump therapy, that needed to rapidly increase the size of their IT team across Europe with both contract and permanent hires to make vital software updates for the launch of their newest product.

The challenge

The challenge we faced was hiring a large number of skilled Salesforce IT professionals within such a short space of time. We needed to work within extremely tight deadlines as our partner required that all start dates would need to coincide with the imminent new product launch. This significantly narrowed the talent pool because a lot of suitable candidates had lengthy notice periods and would be unable to be onboarded in time. Since these were new positions and our partner did not have people in the business with the required skill set to begin the critical updates, there was additional pressure on us to deliver quickly.

Further challenges were faced mid-way through the search, when several new positions were added, and the team had to go back to the market in search of these new skill sets. There was also an unfortunate delay to the assessment process due to one of the hiring managers falling ill suddenly which resulted in a few candidates on the shortlist becoming unavailable.

The solution

We assigned a dedicated account manager and a team of 4 consultants who specialise in IT recruitment in Europe to the project and agreed a schedule of regular updates and milestones with our partner to ensure their deadline could be achieved. Our team consulted with our partner’s stakeholders, including local hiring managers and the TA team to fully align on their requirements and advise on the hiring process to ensure it ran smoothly.

Half of our dedicated team focussed on sourcing candidates for the permanent positions and the other half on finding contractors, which resulted in us being able to present shortlists for all positions to our partner within 3 weeks. Due to the regular communication schedule and our close partnership with all stakeholders, we were able to adapt to the changes in their requirements and stay close to the assessment process to minimise delays.

The outcome

The outcome of the project saw 3 Salesforce Developers, 1 Release Engineer and 1 Business Analyst all join the business quickly, alleviating some of the workload and bridging a vital gap until the permanent hires were able to start.

We successfully supported our partner in hiring and onboarding for all permanent positions within the agreed deadline.

The team across Europe was able to complete the required software updates and the launch of the new device was a success.

Our partner was so pleased with our efforts that they engaged us further to support with 10 more IT positions on a contract basis and 4 more on the permanent side, with more to come.