Corporate & Social Responsibility

Our approach

At Proclinical, being a socially responsible business is central to the life of the organisation. Our mission of helping support the growth of life science companies to help them save lives is cemented by our dedication to raising awareness for much-needed causes.

The very nature of our business is to help and support others, whether this is by placing an individual in their perfect job or encouraging our employees across the world to give up some of their free time to participate in fundraising activities. We strongly believe that we can do well as a company by doing something good for others.

In this versatile economy, Proclinical recognises that we can have a very positive impact through the contributions we make. As a part of the life science industry and fuelling growth we really understand the importance of contributing towards scientific research and helping provide medical supplies.

Proclinical's chosen charities for 2019:

National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC)

The NSPCC is the UK's number one children's charity dedicated to protecting children from abuse and neglect. The NSPCC works relentlessly to not only protect children from harmful environments that rob them of their childhood, but to prevent future cases of child abuse. Donations go towards providing life-changing services such as 'Speak-Out' assemblies at schools, which teach children how to stay safe from abuse, and Childline which offers 24/7 support and counselling to children in need. There are also many programmes available to help children recover and rebuild their lives following abuse. 

Proclinical charity events in aid of the NSPCC:

Pub Quiz - January 30th

Guess Who? Baby Photo Edition - March 22nd

If you'd like to help us fundraise for the NSPCC, please visit our Just Giving page to donate!


Brainstrust is a charity with one aim - to help people with brain tumours and their families cope with treatment and the challenges they face living with their diagnosis. They offer coaching, 24 hour helpline services, toolkits, and support groups and online communities to help people connect and support each other. 

Proclinical charity events in aid of Brainstrust:

Valentine's Cupcake Sale - February 15th

Grantham Spring Triathlon - April 7th

One of Proclinical's London-based consultants, Joe Emmott, competed in the Grantham Spring Triathalon in support of Brainstrust. As this charity to close to his heart and many other at Proclinical, please consider donating:

"Brainstrust is a charity my family have been supporting over the last 3 years after we lost our dad. Also, my girlfriend has lost a friend to this terrible illness. I am doing it to raise awareness and hope that eventually we find a cure."

Mental Health UK 

Mental Health UK is a leading charity dedicated to helping those living with a mental health condition:

"At Mental Health UK, we seek to improve the lives of those affected by poor mental health including carers and family members throughout communities all across the UK. We have successfully supported people for over 40 years, delivering 400 services and 200 support groups to make a real difference to people’s lives. Living with a mental health condition can affect many aspects of daily life, from your physical health to your home, your work and ability to manage money. Every year we provide thousands of people across the UK with practical advice and information to help understand and manage their mental health. We campaign for the rights of those severely affected by mental illness and bring people with common experiences together to support each other, and our support groups have helped to bring people together to share and learn from the experiences of others."

Proclinical charity events in aid of Mental Health UK:

Pub Quiz - May 13th

To support Proclinical's fundraising efforts in aid of Mental Health UK, please donate here!

Ben Kinsella's Trust

This charity is very close to our hearts. Following a senseless, fatal knife attack on Ben Kinsella in June 2008, the Kinsella family banded together to set up the Ben Kinsella Trust. The charity works to raise awareness of knife crime, educate children of all ages of the consequences of knife crime and the devastating effect that it has on families. and to build youth centres in Ben’s name. There are 'Choices and Consequences' workshops available that help young people make more positive choices, and 6-week courses to build self-esteem and confidence for 13-19 year olds, helping them avoid harmful situations. 

Proclinical charity events in aid of Ben Kinsella Trust:

Easter Raffle - April 18th

Bake Off Competition: June 17th

If you would like to support this important message to young people in London, please donate here!

Our Donation System and How You Can Help...

A donation for every placement:

Proclinical will donate £15 to one of our sponsored charities for every placement we make across the global business. If you're looking for your next opportunity and want to feel good while doing it, apply for a job today!

A donation for every review of Proclinical:

Honest feedback about the quality of our service really helps us to improve, so Proclinical uses an independent review site, Trustpilot, to collect reviews from our partners and job-seekers. To incentivise them to provide feedback, Proclinical is committed to a unique system that incorporates our corporate and social responsibility. For every piece of feedback we receive from a client or candidate, whether positive, negative or indifferent, Proclinical will contribute £5 / $5 to one of the above charities.

To leave a review of your experience working with Proclinical, please visit our Trustpilot page.

CSR Initiatives

To helps us support as many worthy causes as possible, Proclinical's employees vote to select their chosen charities for the upcoming year. This sometimes means that we cannot continue supporting some charities from the previous year. However, these causes remain very important to us and we would like to continue promoting the need for people to volunteer and donate! Find out more about our previous CSR Intitatives:

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)