Large global biotech, oncology division build in Europe

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Posting date: 20/05/2024

Large global biotech, oncology division build in Europe

Case study

The overview

Our partner, a top 10 global biotech specialising in oncology, was building an oncology business unit and opening 6 new affiliates across Europe, Canada, and Japan. They were creating a completely new team structure across each affiliate in view of an oncology product launch.

The challenge

The challenge faced was that we had 12 months to fill these roles and there was no prior structure across 6 of these affiliates which meant we were building all teams from scratch. The hires our partner needed to make included country leads, medical, market access, marketing, sales, operations, and business support functions. This project was conducted across 8 different countries with the aim to have all hires completed by end of 2023 in time for a product launch in Q2 2024.

The solution

We ensured that we fully understood our partner’s needs and assigned a project leader and 3 seasoned recruiters with experience in the oncology space across Europe to focus on this project. By leveraging our existing network, we built a very strong talent pool of Sales Directors, Sales Reps, Marketing Managers and Commercial Operations Managers specialising in Oncology that met the criteria set by the company. We led weekly meetings with our partner to ensure expectations were managed every step of the way. Critical to our success was our team of local language speaking consultants and their pre-established networks in the oncology commercial space. The key to the success of this time sensitive multi-hire project was ensuring that we did not provide our partner with large shortlists of candidates but rather with 5 of the top talent in the market for each role.

The outcome

• As part of their oncology division build we supported them in hiring 3 National Sales Directors, a Sales Representative, a Regional Director, 2 Marketing Managers, a Sales Manager, 4 Senior Managers of Sales Operations, a Review Committee Specialist, an Associate Director for Commercial Operations, a Director of Marketing Operations and a Director of Insights & Analytics (ROW)

• The project was successfully delivered on time with some of the strongest oncology specialists in the industry

• We were able to complete the build of their commercial teams across their affiliates all in time for the product launch

• Our partner was highly complementary of the solutions we delivered to meet their needs throughout, and we look forward to supporting them with future projects

• Off the back of the positive rapport we have been able to build with the internal stakeholders, we have also helped the company hire for 4 additional commercial roles for their immunology business unit