Rare disease biotech field team for product launch, Germany

Proclinical Staffing our consultant managing the role
Posting date: 27/09/2022

Rare disease biotech field team for product launch, Germany

Case study

The overview

A rare disease specialist biotech was preparing to market an innovative new drug and partnered with us so we could support them in hiring a new field team of three highly experienced Key Account Managers (KAMs) to help them launch the new product. These hires were critical and they needed a partner who could offer fast delivery and had a proven track record of staffing field teams in the rare diseases space.

The challenge

We needed to work within a strict timeframe to hire for these critical roles, and talent with relevant experience and expertise was in short supply. Further to this, there were market access related risks, so we faced the challenge of finding highly experienced KAMs who were willing to step into a short-term, high-risk contract.

The solution

Proclinical holds an AUG (Arbeitnehmerüberlassung) licence to ensure compliance with all German labour leasing regulations and this allows us to offer fully employed solutions alongside our self-employed solutions (Freiberufler). We set up a contract AUG solution whereby Proclinical operates as the employer, leasing our high-skilled employees to our partner. This ensures our partners reduce their level of risk and remain compliant with the German labour leasing laws.

We took the time to fully understand our partner’s needs and assigned a project team of three specialists, including a project leader, a seasoned recruiter with experience in staffing sales teams in rare diseases, and an AUG specialist to answer all contract related questions.

We set out a clear delivery schedule and worked closely with our partner to ensure a smooth process and create a positive candidate experience.

The outcome

Our team submitted eight profiles of high quality, engaged candidates who were a good fit for our partner. After three interview rounds over two months, we helped them to hire and onboard all three Key Account Managers who were to be based across three different German cities.

Our partner was highly complementary of the service and solution that we delivered, and we look forward to supporting them with further projects.


“Many companies with a similar business models are looking for field-based staff experienced in building rare disease markets. The approach requires a lot of pioneering skills and intrinsic motivation. I expected a struggle to find suitable candidates for a limited term project, but the quality of the applicants proposed by Proclinical exceeded my expectations. We actually had the luxury problem to select between several equally qualified and highly motivated individuals. I am impressed by the velocity at which this project progressed which would not have been possible without the great talent pool accessible to Proclinical and their sense of urgency.”

Vice President and General Manager, Europe