High-growth biotech, build out of contractor base

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Posting date: 20/05/2024

High-growth biotech, build out of contractor base

Case study

The overview

We partnered with a mid-size biotech company based in south San Francisco focused on developing next-generation blood tests to detect cancer in its earliest, most treatable stages using its multiomics platform and machine learning techniques.

The challenge

After successfully helping the company source two pass through contract hires, we were then engaged to help the company further build out their contractor base. They were moving into clinical validation and needed to onboard a large number of people across clinical, quality and biometrics in a short period of time. The company had an internal talent acquisition team who were able to find impressive contractors, but they didn’t have a way of paying them which was making onboarding temporary hires challenging.

The solution

We assigned a dedicated account manager to the project, who met with the talent acquisition team on a weekly basis and sending regular updates. After understanding our partners payroll challenges, we were able to implement a payroll solution. This allowed the internal team to identify the contractors, pay a reduced rate and offload the responsibilities that come with payrolling an employee. Our goal was to become as integrated as possible and essentially an extension to the talent acquisition team. Throughout the process, we ensured that we were keeping them updated regarding outstanding documents and onboarding via daily reports.

The outcome

• With our payroll solution, the team were able to successfully onboard 49 contractors in 6 months

• We continue to support our partner and are helping them execute their ambitious growth plans for the next few years