AI precision medicine start up, Lead Disease Biologist hire

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Posting date: 15/05/2024

AI precision medicine start up, Lead Disease Biologist hire

Case study

The overview

A start up that was pioneering AI enabled precision medicine for metabolic syndrome related conditions partnered with us when they were seeking a Lead Disease Biologist that has specific knowledge of diabetes, preferably type II, to help with the continued expansion of and development of their research programmes.

The challenge

They had been recruiting for this role for 6 months using their own networks but this had been unsuccessful. Thus the role was becoming increasingly urgent. Added to this, the skills they were seeking were very specific – Chronic Kidney Disease & Type II Diabetes. They were also looking for the ideal candidate to have experience of drug discovery, pharmacology, managing outsourced programmes and working with computational teams. There are very few companies using computational and lab-based approaches, making the talent pool of suitable candidates very small. 

The company was geographically diverse with some of their workforce based in Vienna, some in Munich and some in London. This meant they were open to hiring someone remotely, which made it challenging as this does not suit many scientists as their work is naturally very collaborative.

The solution

We ran a very specific search of those who are within our establish networks. This search was broad geographically to align with their locations covering France, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland, Ireland and the UK. What kept it tight was the specific disease area and skills required. 

We identified universities & companies researching into the fields of kidney disease, precision medicine and AI enabled tools to widen the pool. To complement this we used advertising and social media to promote the opportunity as effectively to generate additional interest.

The outcome

• The project was successful with the hire being made after identifying a candidate from a company who are leading Kidney disease research using AI tools to develop a gene therapy

• After struggling to make a hire for over 6 months, we were able to provide our partner with greater clarity and guide them through the process of assessing candidates CV’s, interviews and offer