Global pharma company, new R&D and CAPEX project

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Posting date: 10/08/2021

Global pharma company, new R&D and CAPEX project

Case study

The overview

Our partner, a global pharmaceutical company, had acquired an area of land in Europe and wanted to build a brand-new facility to be used for manufacturing laboratory equipment. The company approached us to help them build out their team to manage this project.

The challenge

The first key hire for this project was an associate director, R&D procurement. They needed a highly qualified individual who had a strong background in long term strategic planning, with extensive knowledge of managing a multimillion dollar spend. The individual also needed to be highly experienced in CAPEX procurement, direct and indirect purchasing, and purchasing laboratory equipment.

The solution

Due to the complexity of this hire, we had multiple briefing calls with our partner to ensure we had all the tools with which to create a high-quality shortlist of talent. We then approached our global network, utilising our extensive database of over 300,000 screened and qualified candidates, and tools such as LinkedIn Recruiter.

The outcome

Once we had refined our shortlist of profiles, we worked with internal stakeholders to expedite the interview process, enabling this critical hire to be in place as quickly and efficiently as possible. The process took 6 weeks from briefing call to signing the contract, and our partner was delighted with the individual selected for hire.