European digital health start-up, multiple hires

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Posting date: 18/05/2021

European digital health start-up, multiple hires

Case study

The overview

An early-stage digital health start-up, based in Munich, was scaling out real-time web, mobile and wearables applications to release into the market.

The challenge

We initially connected with the software team lead to discuss an open position within the development team. This quickly transpired into multiple roles across the business which were needing specialist support. These included fullstack, mobile and quality engineers as well as technical product owners and project managers. As a small growing start-up, without any TA or HR function, they needed help attracting the top talent in the market, as the complexity of the products were very significant. They needed people who would suit the start-up culture and mentality, valuing creative problem-solving skills and an open communication style.

The solution

After officially partnering with the business, we had multiple calls with key stakeholders to ensure that we fully understood the culture and vision of the company. The talent pool of suitable candidates was limited, however our dedicated digital health team used their wide network and deep understanding of the technical requirements and were able to source highly suitable profiles. We conducted initial lengthy screening calls with candidates to fully understand their technical ability and cultural and working methodology. This expedited the hiring process as the managers trusted us to deliver profiles that were suitable for interview without further review. The key stakeholders were so impressed with the quality of our service that we were soon engaged exclusively, which meant we could manage a consistent message in the market and improve overall candidate engagement. We also identified a wider need for freelance consultants to enable the company to hit their project deadline on time, which saw us source and employ a further three freelance engineers for the business.

The outcome

The project deadline was successfully reached on time, and we placed key members of the engineering and product team enabling the company to achieve their much-needed headcount requirements and scale accordingly. We continue to support our partner through 2021, with the potential for a further 15 hires this year.