Cell-gene therapy CDMO, aseptic team build-out

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Posting date: 19/03/2021

Cell-gene therapy CDMO,
aseptic team build-out

Case study

The overview

Our partner, a leader in cell-gene therapy, engaged us to build out their aseptic team, taking over from a third-party vendor.

The challenge

We were approached as a partner of choice to support an aseptic manufacturing build out in Philadelphia. We were requested to submit a proposal, alongside multiple agencies, for expanding their aseptic disinfecting team as the current third-party vendor wasn’t meeting regulation expectations. As the company was rapidly growing, they needed to have a team of contractors that they could rely on.

The proposal was comprised of a detailed breakdown of how we would support and complete the project, including timelines, compliance, pricing and dedicated resources. Our team won the project exclusively, which was to be completed whilst we also continued to recruit across other divisions for the same partner.

The main challenge was the tight timeframes – the company required 30 hires in 8 weeks, ready for a full takeover from the third-party vendor. The roles required contractors to work the night shift, so a further challenge was to find suitable candidates with the correct aseptic experience willing to work those hours.

The solution

This was a unique project so we had to create a new pool of suitable candidates. We utilised our existing network for referrals, which proved highly successful, and market mapped using recruiting tools such as CareerBuilder, Monster, and LinkedIn Recruiter. We were able to follow our proposal plan carefully and accurately, scheduling interviews every week for 3 months to ensure rapid delivery against the tight timelines. We worked closely with the TA team, keeping communication open and informative, to allow a truly collaborative approach to the project. The project ran successfully and the 30 hires were completed by the agreed deadline. Our team handled the onboarding procedures, working with HR to ensure a smooth process, including background checks, drug screens, and referencing. The third-party vendor was phased out, and the team is now staffed by our contractors.

The outcome

  • We successfully delivered on the project whilst also completing delivery for assignments within Manufacturing, Lab Testing and R&D
  • 30 contractors on site for the aseptic project, and a further 30 on site in different teams
  • We continue to support our partner across various functions and a dedicated account manager frequently spends time on site to continue to support the day-to-day matters of the contractors, building and maintaining a long-lasting relationship