Public biotech EU growth plan

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Posting date: 30/11/2019

Public biotech
EU growth plan

Case study

We partnered with a rare disease biopharmaceutical company in the US to build their medical affairs team in Europe for a product launch.

The challenge

Our partner had been actively interviewing candidates for their open vacancies for over 6 months with no success. This meant that multiple candidates had been approached for the positions and did not view them favourably as they had already interviewed prior with no sound feedback. Our challenge was therefore to manage and promote their employer brand in the market place.

The solution

We proposed an exclusive staffing solution to hire in 7 European territories. We provided a dedicated point of contact who frequently visited the organisation to give them greater access and visibility to decision makers, allowing them to act as brand ambassadors and continuously promote our partner and their message in the market. We mobilised local language speakers, utilising sourcing teams throughout Europe, ensuring that candidates were spoken to in their own language, to create a smoother experience for candidates and our partner.

We supported our partner with recruitment best practice, realigning their internal interview process globally, and creating an education piece around unique challenges in each location and managing expectations accordingly. In partnership with the organisation, we ran interview assessment centres in the different territories, which enabled the process to be thorough and effective for the interviewers and the candidates.

The outcome

  • We successfully worked to agreed deadlines ahead of an early 2018 launch, and the global alignment has led to rapid hires from introduction to offer - 14 in total within Medical Affairs.
  • Following this success, we have now been awarded new European multi-hire projects - 14 new positions based on success of the initial campaign.
  • We have successfully placed candidates within our partner’s Regulatory Affairs, Commercial and Clinical divisions, and we now also support them with their operations in North America.