Contract Recruitment

We maintain relationships with large talent pools of freelance contractors who rely on ProClinical to supply short-term assignments. Most of these individuals specialise in a particular area as such working as a CMC Regulatory Affairs Consultant, Drug Safety Physician or a CRA. We constantly build talent pools of new freelance consultants so that when a client has an urgent vacancy, we can contact, screen, interview and engage with a freelancer very quickly, often within 24 hours.

Many companies use ProClinical contractors as a cheaper alternative to working with a consultancy or a CRO. As well as sourcing the appropriate individual, we offer several other benefits:

  • We partner with a professional watchdog company that performs thorough screening and reference checking
  • We drive the collection and logging of timesheets and check that monthly invoices are correct
  • We guarantee that contractors are always paid on time even if the client pays late
  • We cover all our contractors for liability insurance in case there is a mistake or negligence
  • We can offer some of the hourly rate to contractors as a "completion bonus" to encourage continuity
  • All our contracts are issued via e-signature, which save time posting, printing, signing, scanning, etc

Contract recruitment is usually the right choice in these circumstances:

  • When the company is trying to save money in consultancy or CRO fees
  • As interim managers, while permanent recruitment is on-going
  • As maternity cover
  • When a the project is for a limited duration
  • When a takeover has been announced or there is uncertainty about future stability
  • When flexible staffing is required
  • To see if we can help to fill an urgent vacancy, please contact us or send us your job specification. We will be happy to discuss your individual needs.  

Contract Recruitment Methodology

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