6 life science TED Talks that will get you excited about the future of healthcare

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Posting date: 01/08/2018

Whether its delving into the complex world of artificial intelligence or the finding out the most advanced and futuristic ways of treating disease, the following TED talks will inspire, intrigue and fascinate you. The various speakers, who revolutionary experts in their field, cover a wide and varied range of life science topics, including some of the most surprising and controversial nature.

How AI is making it easier to diagnose disease - Pratik Shah

This talk briefly covers the current challenges of using artificial intelligence (AI) to assist the detection and diagnosis of diseases. An expensive and long process, AI is an excellent tool yet often difficult to use. Has medical technologist Pratik Shah discovered a way to simplify AI algorithms to bring a cost-effective way to diagnose life threatening diseases even more quickly and accurately?

How to build synthetic DNA and send it across the internet - Dan Gibson

Dan Gibson, a revolutionary biologist and engineer, has developed a way to edit and programme DNA that allows him to ‘build stuff’ out of it like a coder would a computer. During this fascinating talk, Gibson talks us through the mind-boggling concept of ‘biological teleportation’ and how this technology can create a new approach to tackling disease outbreaks.

What we’ll learn about the brain in the next century - Sam Rodriques

Almost everyone is fascinated by how incredibly complex the human brain is. Physicist and neuroengineer Sam Rodriques is no different, having dedicated his career to developing futuristic innovations that will help neuroscientists understand, diagnose and treat neurological diseases like depression and Alzheimer’s. A word of warning: some of Rodriques’ visions are both fascinating and unnerving!

The science of cells that never gets old - Elizabeth Blackburn

Nobel Prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn shares with us the fruits of her life-long study of telomerase, an enzyme that replenishes the caps at the end of our chromosomes and plays an important role in the ageing process and the strength of our immune systems. Has her revolutionary research brought us one step closer slowing down the aging process and extending human life? 

We can hack our immune cells to fight cancer - Dr. Elizabeth Wayne

This short but informative talk by Dr. Elizabeth Wayne explains how we could be using nature rather than harmful treatments like chemotherapy, to fight cancer. Scientists are developing a way to utilise the body’s own immune system to target tumours. This is a great introduction for those interested in finding out more about the wonders of immuno-oncology and how it could transform the way we treat cancer in the future. 

Gene Therapy - the time is now


Inspirational CEO of Bluebird Bio, Nick Leschly, gives us a snapshot of a world where biotechnology can cure disease by inserting corrective genes into patients’ diseased cells. You’ll experience a rollercoaster of emotion as he takes you through a journey of hope that we will one day be able to transform the lives of patients diagnosed with life threatening diseases. But Nick asks one important question: is the world ready for a treatment like this? 

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