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What do regulatory labelling and artwork jobs involve?

Regulatory labelling and artwork jobs are concerned with the packaging and labelling of pharmaceutical products in accordance with regulations; principally the information printed on the outward packaging and inner leaflet, which contains important safety information and any adverse effects. The artwork aspect of these roles ensures that the packaging adheres to the company’s brand guidelines. Depending of the type and size of the company, this could be within the labelling professional’s responsibilities or done by a dedicated artwork team.

Typical day-to-day responsibilities of a regulatory labelling and artwork role in the pharmaceutical industry would be authoring patient information leaflets (PILs) and summary of product characteristics (SmPCs). They are also responsible for updating label information according to health authorities, reviewing documentation and updating the company’s core data sheet, which contains information on every product developed by the company.

What skills and experience is needed to work in regulatory labelling?

Employers will look for candidates who have a background in pharmacy or pharmacology, and those who have relevant experience in regulatory affairs or pharmacovigilance will have a distinct advantage. For more senior roles, prior experience within labelling is mandatory.

How to apply for a labelling and artwork regulatory role:

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