Proclinical partners with OPERA

Opera Employment Charity

Proclinical helps disadvantaged young people gain meaningful employment through OPERA Global Youth Foundation

Working in partnership with OPERA gives Proclinical a chance to utilise its recruitment and staffing expertise to facilitate young people into employment. As a leading force within the OPERA movement, employees of all levels across multiple office locations in the company dedicate time to mentoring individuals and work hard to raise money to help as many young people into work as possible. Globally, 71 million young people face unemployment and simply do not have the means to escape the trap of poverty, homelessness, disability, abuse, debt and mental illness that prevents them from gaining meaningful work.

How Proclinical is helping unemployed young people

OPERA has chosen to partner with companies like Proclinical in the recruitment and staffing industry across the globe as they are ideally suited to giving these young people the support they need.

Proclinical can offer unemployed youths their first experience of a working environment by providing one-to-one mentoring and hosting workshops on interviewing and CV-writing, to provide them with a basic but crucial understanding of the working world. These activities have been proven to significant increase the likelihood of a young person gaining employment.

Both the mentoring and fundraising activities are also enjoyed by the consultants who take part, as they can see how donating their time and expertise directly improves a young person’s chance of getting a job they enjoy – something that should be possible for everyone, regardless of disability or personal circumstance.

On 8th June 2018, Proclinical is hosting a Word of Work Day, in which we welcome a small group of young people into the office for a day of training and, for many, their first steps into an office environment. We plan to host workshops throughout the day that provide them with skills in interviewing, CV-writing and how to conduct themselves in a working environment. In the months following, Proclinical consultants will e-mentor several of these young people, providing them with continuous contact and support to help guide them into employment.

Proclinical will host a Sports Day on 6th July 2018 where consultants will participate in a variety of traditional sports day activities, from three-legged races, tug-of-war, bean bag races, relays and many more, in an effort to raise funds for OPERA. 

You can also support young unemployed people

Last year, OPERA successfully facilitated 270 young people into work thanks to the fundraising activities of its partner companies, but also due to the generous donations of others who recognised the significant and direct impact OPERA had on the lives of disadvantaged children. To help give a young person the chance to earn a living free from the chains of poverty, homelessness and abuse, donate today. All donations go straight to OPERA.