Contingent workforce solutions

The nature of clinical trials, remediation projects and mergers & acquisitions mean that drug development and manufacturing projects can often be short-term projects. It can, therefore, make sense to hire a contingent workforce in the life sciences industry.

What is a contingent workforce?

For many pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies, a contingent workforce is the most convenient and cost-effective way to handle their ever-changing staffing needs and requirements. This is also referred to as contract recruitment, as the workers typically enter into a short-term professional contract, rather than being employed directly.

A contingent workforce may be the right solution in these circumstances:

  • Maternity cover
  • Project with limited duration (i.e. clinical trial, MDR compliance or remediation project)
  • Lack of employment stability following a merger or acquisition
  • When flexible staffing is required

Benefits of Proclinical’s contingent workforce solutions:

  • Fully compliant: contractors are properly referred and comply with all employment and tax regulations
  • Liability: contractors are covered for liability insurance in case there is a mistake or negligence
  • Payrolling: contractors are always paid on time (even if the client pays late)
  • Extensive network of specialists: large pools of specialist contractors and other interim staff work with us on many short-term assignments
  • Global reach: extensive capabilities to engage the best contractors from every corner of the globe

What is the process of hiring a contract staff?

  • Client Briefing
  • Consultant Resourcing & Interviewing
  • Submission of Candidate Shortlist
  • Client Interview
  • Role Offer
  • Terms Agreed & Candidate Acceptance
  • Contract Signed by Both Parties
  • Contractor Starts
  • Weekly Time-sheets signed off and sent to PC (Client Invoiced)
  • Possible Extension discussed 2 Months before End of Contract

Are you in need a contingent workforce?

Proclinical has many years’ experience sourcing and installing anything from a small number of contractors into specialist roles, to delivering entire teams to work on urgent remediation projects. If you are in need of contract staff, speak with our contract team today discuss your specific needs.