Global pharma, expanding international pharmacovigilance division

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Posting date: 17/09/2020

Global pharma, expanding international pharmacovigilance division

Case study

The overview

A global pharmaceutical company partnered with us to expand their global PV function.

The challenge

Our partner needed to make 12 permanent hires across 4 different divisions. This required us to support 4 different hiring managers who were located over 3 European countries. There were a number of logistical concerns to take into account given the international nature of this search. It also required us to simultaneously develop multiple talent pools in various locations.

It was important to develop a clear and effective narrative to take to market as our partner was not as well-known in Europe when compared to their reputation in the USA.

The solution

We developed a strong relationship with each of the hiring managers, identifying exactly what they needed. We then created a plan, which established where the searches would take priority and also how the search would broaden out. We split the project into two sections - priority hires and secondary hires - to make the process more manageable.

We met with the global head of PV operations to ensure she was happy with the proposed plan. We acted as a liaison point between our partner, the hiring managers, HR, and Finance. We searched across Europe to find local-based candidates with the desired skillsets and worked to educate our partner on recruitment best practice. We created an education piece around unique challenges in each location, and managed expectations accordingly. Regular shortlists were provided for the priority hires, and when they were interviewing, shortlists were provided for the secondary hires. This allowed the immediately available candidates to be onboarded faster to manage the increasing workload.

The outcome

  • Through collaboration with us, 12 hires were made in 12 weeks, within the agreed timeframe and budget, much to the satisfaction of the global head of PV operations
  • We educated the candidate community on our partner and their plans moving forwards, building a talent pool of exceptional individuals for our partner’s future needs
  • Following this success, we were awarded with new exclusive projects and we are now their preferred partner for European pharmacovigilance