Specialty pharma, UK quality operations build

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Posting date: 08/03/2021

Specialty pharma, UK quality operations build

Case study

The overview

Our partner, a global specialty pharmaceutical company, had a strong presence in APAC and the USA and wanted to expand their quality assurance function in the UK with a new office in London. After meeting our team at a conference, they tasked us with building their QA team exclusively, starting with a senior strategic hire.

The challenge

It was important to develop a clear and effective narrative to take to market as our partner was not well known in the EU, with no marketed products at that time. Our challenge was to educate the market about our partner and their pipeline. This all needed to be conducted within extremely tight timelines and a niche candidate pool.

The solution

We met frequently with our partner to fully understand their ethos and values. This helped us to guarantee that only highly suitable candidates were shortlisted. The first role to fill was a Head of QA (PV/GCP). Considering the immediate timeframes, we offered a solution whereby a permanent candidate was hired who had stronger PV experience (the more necessary of the two), whilst simultaneously running a search for an interim GCP expert, ensuring all system areas were covered immediately. We headhunted across Europe for these positions, as well as utilising our extensive existing network. We set timelines for interview at the beginning of the process and used innovative screening software and psychometric testing, conducting a thorough and rigorous interview with each candidate.

The outcome

  • After the successful completion of the initial roles, we were asked to exclusively fill a Head of QA (GMP) and a GCP QA Administrator role
  • All four candidates are still with our partner and we continue to work as a preferred supplier to the company
  • Our team received personal praise from the CEO for our efficiency and professionalism