Executive search

Now more than ever, the global life sciences industry demands agile, strategic leaders capable of driving innovation in a landscape of increasing patient demand and legislative complexity.

Introducing ProClinical Executive.

As ProClinical’s executive search arm, we focus on identifying leaders that help our clients tackle unmet medical need worldwide.

Built on a foundation of over 10 years’ success in global life science recruitment, we call upon our technical understanding, global infrastructure and candidate networks.

Our track record is evidence that we have the ability to install leadership and build executive teams that can break boundaries.

What is Executive Search?

When a position is particularly senior or niche, sourcing the necessary talent requires reaching out to the global marketplace to find talented individuals who are in high demand and not actively looking for a move. These assignments require substantially more time and research costs than under contingency recruitment and require a proportion of the fee to be paid upfront to enable investment into the necessary resources.

For the client, the benefits of executive search are:

  • It retains (or prioritises) the services of the recruitment team to focus exclusively on the assignment in hand, and not on other client assignments
  • It helps to justify a greater investment of resources towards filling the position, such as advertising or the appointment of a dedicated research team
  • The exclusivity allows us to take more time to resource the role meticulously and methodically, and with less emphasis on secrecy over the client identity

An example of a retained project might be:

  • To appoint a Director
  • To install a whole new team/department
  • To fill a role for which contingency recruitment has failed and more attention is required

ProClinical Executive aims to set out a bespoke and realistic search process that will lead us to deliver a successful outcome. 

ProClinical Executive