Translational research group build – Global Biopharma



Proclinical Executive were tasked with hiring a Vice President and four Program leaders with considerable experience to assume responsibility for the following Therapy areas: Immuno-oncology, Solid Tumor, Leukaemia and Lymphoma.


Through our extended global network and a deep search of notable scientific publications we were able to identify suitable individuals, Proclinical Executive met with candidates and conducted extensive screening, qualification and executive assessments to ensure that our due diligence criterial had been satisfied. The placement processes were finalized within the required timeframes, throughout which we supported our partners though complex negotiation during the offer stage.


Through their partnership with Proclinical Executive, the following hires were made:

Placements made: 

·         Vice President, Translational Research

·         Executive Director – Lymphoma Program Lead

·         Director – Solid Tumor

·         Principal Investigator – Leukaemia

·         Principal Investigator – Immuno-oncology

Proclinical Executive worked effortlessly to not only understand our scientific needs, but they were able to articulate our company culture to have effective conversations with prospective candidates in a very competitive landscape. The Proclinical Executive representatives have proven themselves to be professional, personable, and willing to go the extra mile to deliver.

Director Human Resources