Public biotech, oncology - Commercial Launch



The client needed to fill a high volume of roles to accumulate a team based in Europe, within a short period. We also had to contest with different locations and time zones as the decision makers were in the US. Other challenges included a lack of visible talent with the appropriate experience working in a start-up and managing cost of hires. The client was also considered high risk by candidates, making it difficult to pull candidates away from bigger pharmaceutical companies.


Proclinical Executive used extensive, innovative recruitment strategies to attract the best candidates. We held assessment centres to interview volume of candidates in the Nordic and UK & Ireland regions and employed our specialist teams based across Europe to unearth passive talent networks. 


We efficiently supplied the client with a high-quality team that resulted in six commercial hires and five senior medical hires in the UK, Ireland and Nordic region. Following this, the client has exclusively invited us to deliver a 12-hire campaign to supply their entire sales team in the DACH territory.