Building a team of deep gene therapy experts



Following disappointing results in their small molecule platform, a radical new approach was required for this biotechnology company to thrive. In early 2018 the incoming CEO held a vision to transition the company focus into Gene Therapy using vector-based approaches (AAV & LT) to treat neurodegenerative diseases. 

The recently appointed Executive responsible for Research and Development is a deeply experienced drug development professional, who understood that it was imperative to quickly build a team of experts to acquire the knowledge needed to harness viral based gene therapy approaches.


Pivotal to transitioning into gene therapy was significant organisational restructuring and establishment of new development programs in collaboration with leading research institutions. 

We identified a selection of candidates through our existing professional network and employed a highly targeted campaign to identify a group of individuals with the correct background and motivations from companies with shared approaches. 

Professional diligence was conducted, which included interviewing candidate’s peers at industry conferences, and our project team provided support throughout the final selection process and offer negotiation.


Through Proclinical Executive, the following hires were made within a three-month period to complete an upper leadership group of Gene Tx (AAV & Lenti) experts. 

  • CSO, (Vector Optimisation and Delivery) 

  • Senior Vice President of Technical Operations & CMC  

  • Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance 

Once the executive leadership team had been established, we continued to support the build out of functional groups, including but not limited to:  

  • Head of Technical Operations (AAV) 

  • Head and Analytics 

  • Head of Clinical Development 

  • Clinical Physician 

  • Head of Supply Chain  

  • Senior Director of Regulatory Strategy  

In a short timeframe, this company completed their transition, re-branded and now have three programs in the clinic and an established clinical and commercial supply chain.   

Proclinical Executive’s ability to find uniquely skilled professionals with deep experience of vector-based gene therapy approaches has played a major part in establishing the leadership group that we have today. Their advanced knowledge of our culture, business strategy and clinical programs has led to impressive placements and therefore is proven to provide us with a competitive advantage over peer companies that are also looking to acquire talent from a small and highly specialist pool.

Chief R&D Officer