Executive Search

When a position is particularly senior or niche, or when we have to reach out to the global marketplace to find appropriate candidates, the assignment can take up to 12 weeks and require substantially more time and research costs than under contingency recruitment.

On these occasions, we ask that the client works exclusively with ProClinical, and that they pay a quarter of the fee upfront, to help justify the extra cost of investing more time and resource to the assignment. This payment puts a bigger onus of responsibility on ProClinical to deliver, but also helps us to share a proportion of the risk with the client.

For the client, the benefits of paying this up-front fee are:

  • It retains (or prioritises) the services of the recruitment team to focus exclusively on the assignment in hand, and not on other client assignments
  • It helps to justify a greater investment of resources towards filling the position, such as advertising or the appointment of a dedicated research team
  • The exclusivity allows us to take more time to resource the role meticulously and methodically, and with less emphasis on secrecy over the client identity

An example of a retained project might be:

  • To appoint a Director
  • To install a whole new team/department
  • To fill a role for which contingency recruitment has failed and more attention is required

After the initial 25% retained fee, a further 25% is chargeable upon agreement of 3-5 candidates for interview. The final 50% is due only upon successful placement of the candidate.

Stage in process Deliverables Proportion of fee due
Engagement Start of process. Long list generated 25%
Interview Agreement from client to interview candidates 25%
Successful placement Offer accepted. Contract signed. Rebate period of 6 months 50%

We guarantee a longer rebate period of 24 weeks. This means that if the successful candidate leaves his/her position for any reason (other than redundancy) within the first 6 months of employment, we will run the entire recruitment process again for free. Failing this, we will return 100% of the final fee instalment.

For us, an executive search project is an exclusive and high-priority project performed in partnership with a client.

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