Validation Engineer jobs in Pharma

What do validation engineer jobs in pharma involve?

Validation engineers are responsible for ensuring that drugs and therapies used to treat diseases are safe and effective for patients. Validation engineers must follow strict regulatory requirements that outline the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical products as well as the methodology.

Validation engineer jobs in the pharmaceutical industry involve writing protocols and reports, and testing equipment, processes and methodology to see if the drug meets pre-defined criteria. By running tests, validation engineers can highlight what needs to be improved or repaired in order for the drug or therapy to gain regulatory approval.

Typical validation engineer roles in pharma deal with quality control of drugs and include computer systems validation (CSV) jobs, sterile and non-sterile validation positions, packaging, equipment, cleaning, automation and process validation engineering jobs and commission & qualification validation engineering roles.

Validation engineers in the pharmaceutical industry will need to have degree in engineering, ideally in a relevant area such as automation, mechanical or chemical engineering.

How to apply for a validation role in pharma:

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