Statement of Work

What is statement of work recruitment?

Proclinical works with life science companies on short-term projects – for example, a remediation project - wherein a statement of work that describes defined deliverables and time frames is signed off. Proclinical, acting as a functional service provider (FSP), takes charge of recruiting and managing the contingency workforce required to execute these deliverables within the agreed time frame.

Statement of Work is a very different approach to the usual one-off placement of a contractor. Instead, it is Proclinical undertaking an entire project on behalf of a client, taking full responsibility for every aspect of the project from start to finish. This includes dealing with recruitment, onboarding, governance and payroll.

Example of services included in SOW:

  • Collaborative gap analysis
  • Technical review
  • Project delivery team of contingent workers employed, managed and paid by Proclinical
  • Compliance and risk management

What are the benefits of outsourcing project management to Proclinical?

  • Flexible and hassle-free
  • Often more cost-effective than engaging CROs with high fees
  • Deliverables and time-frames decided by the client
  • Bespoke project management solution tailored to the client’s specific needs
  • High visibility over the project

Proclinical offers highly-skilled staff that will fully integrate into an organisation and take charge of the project in question. For many of our clients, SOW solutions are a great way to hand over operations to a third-party whilst still retaining a high degree of control over the proceedings.

To discuss how your organisation could benefit from our Statement of Work solutions, arrange a call today with our dedicated SOW team.