Functional Service Provision (FSP)

What is Functional Service Provision/FSP?

Proclinical’s FSP model enables life science companies to outsource entire departments or functions, retaining responsibility for direction and ownership of programme without the strain of resourcing. By outsourcing individual functional services, sponsor companies gain freedom they might not have in a traditional preferred provider relationship or when outsourcing an entire study.

Example of services included in FSP:

  • Global regulatory affairs
  • Submitting multi-layered NDAs, MAAs and CMC support
  • Executing label changes across several countries
  • Managing the ebb and flow of regulatory needs as you grow
  • Project management
  • Regulatory operations

What are the benefits of outsourcing functions to Proclinical?

  • Highly skilled and experienced turn-key specialist teams
  • Dedicated point of contact and program governance meetings
  • Efficient and a flexible alternative to permanent hiring, with added benefit of focussing on in-house staff on core growth activities
  • Reduced time and costs compared to resourcing contingency or employed workers
  • Choose which services to outsource
  • Rapid start-up process
  • Tailored solutions for programme management, timeline tracking, and billing

To discuss how your organisation could benefit from our FSP solution, arrange a call today with our dedicated FSP team.