Functional Service Partnerships (FSP)

Welcome to the evolution of FSP

At Proclinical, we believe in developing long-term partnerships, based on integrity and trust, which is why we distinguish our FSP model as Functional Service Partnerships.

In this evolution of the FSP model, our expert team specialize in continuous risk assessment, change management and gap analysis and are prepared to do an in-depth analysis of your program, identifying and proactively resolving potential challenges to better support your growth and success through flexible, scalable solutions.

What is FSP?

FSP is a sourcing model which enables you to cost effectively ramp up or down your internal workforce with highly skilled professionals to complete specific tasks or functions. Simply put, you can invest in only the services that are needed without cumbersome timelines, processes, or rampant cost of permanent resources or infrastructure.

In our highly flexible, fluid, and nimble model, we source high-caliber, experienced professionals to work in either a single functional area or across multiple functions as opposed to the full project or program. This enables you to retain control of the project and/or program while removing the burden of resourcing and administrative tasks, thus streamlining your workload, increasing your focus on core competencies and increasing efficiencies, all while containing cost.

Highlighted features of an FSP include:

Flexibly Executed
The simplistic and nimble nature of our FSP model allows the functionality, capabilities and implementation to be flexibly executed. This means that you can fully customize it to the way you want based on the timeline you need.
Our team diligently work to assess risk, manage change and remove the everyday burdens. This allows you to have more time and resources to focus on your core competencies and attention to delivering the highest quality.
You are at the helm and will still control as many aspects as you like. By retaining full oversight, including all critical operational components and overall execution, you stay in control.
 Cost Savings​
Your program will run faster, smoother, and more efficiently as you only pay for the specific function we have been tasked to complete. This will reduce your expenditure on permanent headcount and infrastructure and become a major cost saving.
Rapid Resourcing​
In the fast-paced life sciences world, there’s no time to waste. Our extensive network of specialized recruiters utilizing cutting edge techniques, allows for fast and efficient scaling of viable professional resources to meet your continually changing business needs.
 Consummate Professionals​
You will receive only the highest-caliber professionals, who will fit into your corporate culture and become an extension of your team. These professionals have the experience, understanding of cultural nuances, regulatory and ethical policies, and effective business practices to help you succeed.


This will reduce your expenditure on permanent headcount and infrastructure and become a major cost saving.

How are Proclinical's Functional Service Partnerships different?

Our partnership model removes the stigmas associated with typical customer relations and allows for transparent, honest and authentic conversations to emerge organically. This open dialogue and new level of trust allows the Proclinical client services team to do a full risk assessment, proactive gap analysis and management of change.

Our client services team are seasoned experts in their field and specialize in operational risk assessment and change management, giving them the knowledge to take a deeper dive into the strategy, processes, and the overall goal of the program. We will create an in-depth program assessment which defines the strategic, tactical, and operational changes that need to be managed to support your organizational service goals. This assessment becomes a working process for all stakeholders to understand program specifics, inclusive of the scope and potential risks, and acts as a guide to avoid any issues well in advance, saving money and resources along the way.

This experience our client services team brings to a program creates an expedited level of responsiveness, opens channels of communication and avenues to immediate client support. This lends itself to an extra level of oversight to the program which ensures the continuity of your business, increase of efficient processes, proactive analysis, and cost containment all while keeping the program on point.

Why use Proclinical?

Our adaptive and collaborative FSP model lays the foundation for the creation of a seamless and strategic partnership that meets the needs of all stakeholders. Our model creates one symbiotic team, one strategy, one vision, which allows everyone involved to focus on one goal.